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It seems like stress is overtaking my life. There are so many issues to handle, so much to do. I have always felt  “blogging: was a release from stress, but as I have gotten more followers, which is, after all a goal for most of us, it is sometimes difficult to read the work of your followers and friends and keep your own creative juices flowing.

Do any of my fellow 20 Lines or Less or other blogger friends have any suggestions? If I stay off line a day or two, the email becomes massive, yet I want it. I want to hear comments on my blogs and make comments and “like: the blogs of my friends and followers.

I am also having a problem publishing from the green button that says publish on the POST page with the titles POST and your name at the top of each page you read.  The button that is supposed to stay green until I are ready to publish turns gray before I have finished with tags, or even my article. I contacted wordpress, but all they do is post my complaint on a site, where other readers say they have experienced the same problem and got no help. Does anyone know how to fix this? In simple terms, if you have an idea.

The photo is of my son’s school trying a rope course-which is definitely stressful, and thus why I chose it!


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Thank you to Len Carver- for nominating me for this award Maybe, I should start my & things about me with:

1.As usual, I am having trouble download the badge.

2. I spend too much time on this blog, but I love it.

3. School starts tomorrow and I hate it.

4. Im so tired..

5. My gardens are a wreck.

6. I appreciate all the comments and those who read and follow my blog.

7. I know someone who got bitten by a black widow!


seven bloggers to pass the nomination to:

Simplicity Lane



SwittersB&Fly Fishing



Steven S. Walsky


Thanks, Len for all of your help. Love your work and appreciate your encouragement!





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The Reader Appreiation Award

Thank you, , for nomination me for this award.  I am honored that you read my blog and like it enough to call attention to what I write.

The rules to accepting the award include telling fellow bloggers 7 things about yourself, and nominating 15 other bloggers for the award.

I will go with the 7 things about myself first:

1.My family has lived in the North Carolina Mountains since before 1780.

2. I enjoy recording the genealogy of my family.

3. My blog is my therapy.

4. I love to read mysteries.

5. I have been writing since I was a young child.

6. I have learned a lot about the internet from blogging.

7. I am definitely still learning, so be patient!

Bloggers I would like to nominate:

I just can’t dig up 15, but I will go with a few favorites:

vb’s reverbs


Everyday Asperger’s

Switter B & Fly Fishing

Lucid Gypsey

Finally a Writer

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One lovely Blog Award

Thank you to for giving me this award!
7 things about me
1.I love to read mystery and detective novels
2.I plant a garden every year.
3. I study insects.
4. I study butterflies.
5. I grow herbs in my garden.
6. I have irises that’s root stock is over 89 years old.
7. I collect dolls.
I  nominate the following bloggers for this award: The nominees can decide whether they wish to accept or not…
8. throughthe
11. stuffitellmy
Thanks to all who follow and read my blog! I an honored to share my thoughts with all of you!

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