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Admission of my Quirky Habits

aea34-img_6776I am sure that other people see me with many quirky habits. I imagine the one that people emjoy the most is my love of studying reptiles, amphibians and insects. From the time I was a child, I have had baby turtle in a box, tadpoles in a bowl and container and have loved studying insects.

I had purchased and enjoyed a 35 mm camera along with diopters, filers and lenses and had learned to take beautiful photographs on thee film. Now, in this digital age, I have re-taken very few I on film. The photos never have the quality and clarity when they are retaken. I bought a complicated new digital camera, but just could not conquer it, so I traded it in for a more simple on.

I have taken quite a few on the camera, but haven’t managed to get a lot of them on the computer. I hope to get out my old albums and make the beautiful pictures of fritillary butterflies and monarchs on butterfly weed. I remember the excitement of capturing pictures of snakes, or lizards. My neighbors were always happy to check out my latest photos of the life cycle of the praying mantis.

It is odd how hobbies and quirks come and go in our lives. Sometimes, when we find time and life moving them out of our reach we loose the time or energy to pursue it as we once did.

Still, I treasure the memories of the days when I showed my children a “new” insect or a new life faze of a butterfly and their amazement as they held a newly hatched black swallowtail on their fingertip.

Quirks aren’t always bad, just different, and isn’t being different what makes life interesting?


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Sleep Tight


She gently stroked my hair as she whispered to me, “ Once, when I was a little girl, a butterfly landed on my nose.” She smile, heard a quiet giggle, then a deep breath.

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This Echinacea in my son’s yard was visited by a Checkerspot butterfly. Echinacea is an herbal plant sometimes used to prevent infections and colds.

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How to Grow a Garden


He is five years old and I’m his grandmother..
I have a struggling garden at his house.
“How do you grow a garden, BeeBee?”
He asks with curious eyes.
“Well, first, you have to prepare the ground.”
I tell him as he watches a butterfly nearby.
“What kind of butterfly is that, BeeBee?”
“Black swallowtail.” I reply, waiting to go on.
“Well, what does its ‘worm’ look like?” He asks.
“It’s black and white and yellow striped.”
“Your garden doesn’t look too good, BeeBee”
He tells me as he looks a hot dry ground.
” I know, I say, “It needs rain right now.”
“Yeah, I know,” He smiles. “Sun and rain and vitamins.”,
“That’s right, your a smart boy,” I pat his white hair.
“Are you going to tell me how to grow a garden?”
He asks, impatiently, watching another butterfly.
“I’m trying.” I say, a little impatiently myself..
“Oh, never mind.” He says. “I already know”
“Can I look at your butterfly book?

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