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The Bridge to Fantacy

We skipped down the sidewalk towards the waterfront. A long green lizard skittered across in front of us. Expecting to see only the beach, and hoping only for sea shells, my son noticed a red pyramid in the distance.

We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and sped up. up a bit. Soon, we heard music, it must be a carnival or festival!

“Gosh,” gasped my son, this sidewalk didn’t look THAT long!”

“Everything seems to take longer when we are excited, “ I said, rushing to keep up with him.

“Race ya, Mom!” He smiled.


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It was the first time our dad had let her drive at night. The excitement was electric! It was the 70’in the small town south. To dad, our choices were limited.  Wrong! We had heard that a fair coming to town down by the river!

The forbidden group of carnies, the rigged games, cotton candy and most of all just being seen there, alone without parents. We would be the talk of the school!

Then it was 10:00 and the fair was closing. She turned the car’s ignition. Nothing. Again. Nothing. We looked around to see the grins of a group of boys we wouldn’t be caught dead with-or would we?

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