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To Those Who Go Unrecognized

The person who “pays forward” a young mothers bill in the grocery line,

the elder who listens to the tears of a teen, and shares her wisdom,

The cat who jumps in your lap and purrs when you are lonely,

The mom who makes extra cookies for the shut-in next door,

The teacher who stays after class to help a struggling student,

The driver who lets you in line at a long red light,

the tired mom who rubs her teens back until she hears his soft breath,

These are the rare people we need more of, and who aren’t recognized.

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She looked down at her beautiful green eyes, the look of thick black eyeliner around them and smiled.

“Oh, my beautiful!” she sighed, Parting is such sweet sorrow!” M’Lady’s whirls of black seemed to shimmer in the light. That picture would remain with her each day.

The tabby rubbed her legs, and purred. Sonja picked her up and scratched her under her chin as M’Lady looked up at her as if she were in heaven.

she could take her with her to the Bahamas.


“I wonder if she has any idea that I am going on vacation for a month?” Sonya though.

She glanced at her suitcases, wishing she could take her along.

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Travel Theme – Shadows

Although I did not write this-and it is the wrong holiday-it is a childhood favorite of mine that my grandkids now enjoy-I cannot recall the author-we were “made” to memorize it in 5th grade.


The moon is round as a jack’o’lantern

The trees grow black and bare,

As we go walking with spooky giggles

Through the chill, ghostly air.

Who’s shadow is that on the haunted ground?

Who’s hiding behind that tree?

Oh, down the tree comes my bad, black kitten

And the shadow is only me!

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