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Minecraft – an “App” that Incorporates Creativity, Challenges and Fun for All!

With immense help and advise from my teenaged son, we have written this review of his “new” favorite electronic game app:

One of the best electronic games I have come across lately is Minecraft. Minecraft is a amazing game. It promotes the use of thinking for efficiency and design. An example of this concept is that you can build a mansion and have many options of what materials to use. You can make the house out of cobblestone, out of wood, or even out of marble.     

    Minecraft has two modes creative and survival. The creative mode already has everything that is in the game so that you can build infinite structures. Survival mode requires you to find your own materials to build whatever you want to build. Survival mode also has a health bar unlike the creative mode. If you want to make a pickaxe you need to chop down a tree to get wood. Wood can be turned into wood planks and wood planks can be turned into sticks. Next, you have to get some cobblestone or iron (this isn’t required this is only an example). Another example would be, if your building a house, and you want glass in your house, first you need to build a furnace out of stone and coal. Then you need to put some sand in the furnace and in a minute or two you get glass.
    This game is a hard game to learn but once you learn what to do, it is a lot of fun   as well as challenging. It takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Minecraft promotes education with the component that you need to create something that will last. You develop and create your style of project. Because Minecraft promotes architecture and creativity, it may appeal to people who are not interested in the popular war or sport type games.  
    Minecraft has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars . You can get Minecraft on three types of devices; a computer, an  IOS or OS product or the Android market. To download Minecraft on the computer is free, however, creating a account is $26.98. For the IOS and Android market or both, the price is $8. This cost is worth the amount of fun you have on Minecraft.  


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