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My Mothers Face

Your sister told me yesterday,

 that when she saw me look her way,

A tear welled up inside her eye.

 She looked at me and breathed a sigh.

“You just look so much like her now,”

 she whispered, and I felt so proud.

Silence filled that precious room.

 where grandpa played his fiddle tunes.

He called me, “sister” and he’d  cry,

 when ever I went walking by.

“Yeah, it sure was different then.”

 He’d tell me ’bout the days back when.

Inside this room, this special place,

 My mom, my child, myself, his face.

I hugged your sister, quiet tears,

 wishing for those long lost years.

And hoping that my child might be,

 proud one day, he looks like me.





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