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Mainline Love

Tell me of the evil of addiction-

Injecting you with feel-goods-

Robbing you of power, control…

Wonder if its different

when your heart is robbed

_and you are dying-

dying for a fix…

Someone to love you-

please, please.

Wonder how long it takes

to kill you?

Whenever you’re doing it-

Mainlining love…




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Horse dung and Apples

Autumn scents of horse dung and apples,

remind me somehow, of my world, my life.

Days of pain or fireside memories

I’m not allowed to speak of or remember.

Wasted dreams, lost years, hot tears

flood my soul, drowning hope, loosing faith.

Horse dung and apples – rotting.

replenishing the soil for the future,

but not for me.

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