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The Winds of Time

photo by dawn Q. Landau

He stood silently offshore, staring at the remnants of an ancient lighthouse. After hours upon hours of research, he had traced his great-times-3 grandfather to this place. He had been the last lighthouse keeper. That had been in the early 1800’s-during the war of 1812, in fact. He spent weeks here, alone as his family waited on the mainland. During fierce battles and raging storms, they were terrified that he would never come home. But he did, and though the lighthouse did not survive to love he passed on to his family was alive and well.


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Silent stairs


She started up the endless stairs, her mind racing.  “Who could have sent the message?”  “Why did they want to come here, a place that had left her so with so many memories and caused her so much pain?”

Her legs beginning to shake, she could literally hear the frantic beating of her heart. She stopped, listening for any sound, any sign of someone ease’s presence.

Nothing. Nothing human, anyway, the howl of the wind outside the abandoned light house, an odd creaking above her as if someone was there. She clung to the rail, her consciousness fading. He smiled, carrying her away.

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Cape Hatteras Light House

Cape Hatteras Light House

This light house had to be moved back from its original location in the summer of 1999. The natural movement of the islands on North Carolina’s Outer banks had brought the ocean so close to the lighthouse, it was feared the historic structure might be lost. The Cape Hatteras Light House is the nations tallest at 208 feet and has been in service over 100 years as it warns ships of the Diamond Shoals. The Outer Banks area is known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic because of the many ship wrecks off the barrier islands since it was first visited by ships over 400 years ago.

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