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Double Vision

“I am not a person who thinks in abstract.” I told my doctor. “But when I took that new medicine, I felt as if I were in a room filled with smoke.”

“Hmm.” he replied as he adjusted the stethoscope on my chest. “I have never heard of that kind of reaction to this drug before.”

“I couldn’t tell if it was caused by dizziness, or hallucination.” I continued.

“Have you taken any other medications lately?” The doctor sighed, sounding rather bored.

“No, only this one you subscribed yesterday.”  I answered, knowing my heart was now racing. I felt a panic attach coming on.

“Well, Mrs. Jones,” he replied as he swirled around on his stool. “I imagine it is just a case of vertigo-maybe caused by an ear issue.”

“I’m NOT Mrs. Jones.” I replied as I shuffled off the table, my panic attach  now in full gear.


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