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Three times a Beauty!

“This picture is beautiful!” she told him as they stood by the beautiful seashore. “Like you,” he said. In bright the moonlight , he knelt on one knee, “You are beautiful.” he said. “Marry me.”

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In the darkness shines

An obelisk of mystery

My soul, lost in time

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Photo copyright Scott L. Vannatter

I kept hearing that sound-a mix of a far away scream and the howling of wind through some strange rock formation. “What was it?” I wondered as I sat huddled by the campfire with my brother and his friend.

We were both frightened and intrigued. Should we take off into the forest with only the moonlight and a small lantern to guide us, or ignore it, crawl into our warm sleeping bags in the tent and forget it?

And then we saw her, silhouetted against the rock at the top of the mountain. Her mystery and beauty held us all captive.


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A Little Lesson on Life

“Mom, you’ve got to see this mushroom! It’s huge!” my teenaged son called as he ran in the morning sun.  

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “That is the largest one yet!”
“A Parasol mushroom,” he panted, “Like the others we’ve seen here.”
“I’ll take a picture of your hand beside it to show it‘s size.” I told him.
Later, we walked with a friend, moonlight glinting from his hair. “Show her the mushroom,” I smiled.

 “Mom, it’s not there,” he whispered.

“What?”  I exclaimed.
“Dad saw it and crushed it-stepped on it, before I could stop him.”

I paused.

“Look, baby, you can see the features on the surface of the moon!”

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