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Whats in a name?

I liked the idea put forth by Daily Prompt to say your name, describe what it means, how you got it how it fits you. I have always felt that it was a little bit unfair that our most personal thing-our name-is something someone else gives us.  My father got my name-Brenda-off of an insurance form.  He had been looking for names for his new child (back in the day, we didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl) and liked the name.  It had just become popular in 1955.  I don’t know anyone much older than me with my name.  As with the name I gave one of my daughters, it seemed to take off after we adopetd it.


I have read “Brenda” means firebrand in Gaelic-which fits me perfectly. both my fiery temper and my genealogy.  I think of my name sometimes when i am in a bad mood, an I think of the snake that says “Don’t tread on me.”  I like that.  Don’t mess with me, you never know what may be in store….   There are times that I have wished that my name had not become so popular-it is dated, for sure.  Mostly Hispanic little girls are named Brenda now  But that’s ok.  So many names in the 50’s were dated-Debbie, Lynn, Linda, Susan, Sherry, Lisa ,Carol, and many more.  I like my name.  It fits me, it fits my time.  All the Brenda’s I knew were tall with long brown hair, much like a trademark.  I think I will keep it! Thanks, Dad.


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