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A Night to Remember ( Erotic Prompt)

I dig deep into my soul to remember

what it was like to feel your arousal

for that first delicious time-the desperate need inside me.

Forbidden places I can go as I sleep, real for now,

I let myself become lost in desire.

Without those moments, I think I would die.

Perhaps you are real, we may have never met,

I think of your silky shirt, my hands unbuttoning…

Your hands exploring the depths of my dress.

Letting go, if only for a while, magically erasing

everything, everyone, but you and I and passion.

OhMyGod, I am melting, yet frozen in the heat.

It is though time has stopped, suddenly, we lie, exploring,

hot breath on the chill of intensity,

one body, one soul, one purpose-pleasure, escape.

In the dark, I explore you with my fingers,

my curls winding around your face,

the coarseness of your beard making me shiver.

Within my soul I know, I KNOW

this moment will live forever, a rush of erotic fervor

I will close my eyes and you’re there-stay,stay…

There is nothing but swelter between us.

We glide to ecstasy completely, unbelievably, perfectly.

Just for now, we own our world, we rule our souls.

Years from now, this night will live within me.

The knowledge that I can let go, live, trust, believe

You and I know each other-close our eyes and dream.

To be there once is heaven, to return is magic.

Finding a space that transcends words, time, the ages,

Your touch and mine intertwined, for this night, forever…


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