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From a Yankee Prison Camp, with Love


My Beloved  Wife:

It is with some hope that I write you today. We have heard rumors that a treaty may be in the works for a prisoner exchange. We have heard this before, but hope gets us through the frigid cold here in this God-forsaken prison camp. You can write me here under my name and rank at Sandusky Bay Officers Prison, Sandusky, Ohio. I image it will take a month or more to receive a card, but please write. Tell my sister that Jeb sends his love to her and the baby. No one else has died this month. I am limited to this page.

With the love of an absent husband,  John



My Dearest John:

It was with great joy that I received your postcard. Papa picked it up on the way home from the cattle market in Atlanta.  I find myself feeling childish, but things are not as favorable here as when you left to join our troops last summer. There are no supplies, no men to do the hard labor, food is scare. I do hope you will soon be released and can return to us here on the farm. Amalie and little Josie send their undying love to Jeb. Maybe you should write me at Papa’s address, as we may all have to go there for our safety and to share what provisions we still have.

With my fondest love,  Elizabeth

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