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My Computer is finally back at home!

Dear patient followers.  It has not been a good yer for my computers and me.  This time, the CD drive drawer would not go in and I had to send it back to the factory to get it fixed.  I got it back today, with nearly a thousand emails to deal with.  Please be patient as I try to catch up. 

I m once again having the problem of my “new post” window NOT coming up when I read an email.  It is the same problems I had before.  I have to back and check in to wordpress again to make a new post etc.


WORDPRESSS staff if you read this, could you see if you could fix it? Last time, I had the same problem after a computer repair, tried, in the only way I know to let WordPress know about the problem, and it soon cleared up. 


Readers and followers, if you have a solution to getting my “new Post” button back up when i read each blog,please let me know.  


I can’t wait to see what has been going on in the WordPress blog world.  
Thanks for your patience, beebeesworld



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Oh, no! More Computer problems

Dear loyal followers of beebeesworld.  My computer has broken again and been sent in for repairs please excuse me if I don’t answer mail expediently for the next week or so.  i will try to keep up, but without my computer, it will be slow. Thanks for your patience!


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