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Time Out!

I would like to thank all of my loyal readers.  I enjoy your blogs and look forward to that quiet time to indulgence myself in reading and writing.

Unfortunately, my cup is running over with things I need to do, with deadlines, stress, and bronchitis with little rest.

I will be reading a lot more than writing for a few days.  The only way I know to find out bout the prompts I love to write for is when I get them in my email box, so please don’t forget me.  I may surprise myself and get caught up sooner than expected.

Thanks so much for your loyalty and inspiration! beebeesworld


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Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

I’d been in California with him too long.
Tired of the lies, drugs, pain.
I sat at the overlook in San Bernadino,
thinking of the Appalachians,
soft, damp breezes, hardwood forests,-
He was asleep-passed out
when I got back to the cabin.
Good, I thought,no hard goodbyes.
I packed the few things I cared about,
started the engine of my old van
and watched the dust behind me.
Homeward bound.
Was that a song, a book?
Didn’t matter-the sun was to my back,
pushing me eastward-
to peace, to healing, to welcoming arms.
All I had to do was stay on I-40
until I could breathe again.

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