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I heard her laugh

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Autumn Alone

The oak leaf changes to scarlet

and the golden maple leaves tumble down

Softly joining the others in the frosted field.

I remember autumn when you were here,

the peace, the joy of your presence,

The warmth in the growing cold.

From long ago, come memories,

Not of joyful autumns or your touch,

of your hair thrashing in the wind,

but of those seasons –

of this season-

when the world and I saw autumn-alone.



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Lost forever, to its place-

 gone the memory, gone the face.

Lost until that lonely wind

 blows your soul my way-again.


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Horse dung and Apples

Autumn scents of horse dung and apples,

remind me somehow, of my world, my life.

Days of pain or fireside memories

I’m not allowed to speak of or remember.

Wasted dreams, lost years, hot tears

flood my soul, drowning hope, loosing faith.

Horse dung and apples – rotting.

replenishing the soil for the future,

but not for me.

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