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Island Memories


Walking on the island shore at night always held a fascination for me, especially with my young teen. We would walk along, watching as the lights on shore glimmered off the amazing expanse of water all around is. It was one of those moments that needed no words, the feelings, the magic, spoke for itself.

He reached down and picked up something, turned to me, held it up and smiled. It was a whole conch con, shimmering in the starlight. Wow! I said, as we walked on. I will never forget that night. It is burnt into my soul. A tear runs down my cheek even now. It was the last night we ever spent on the beach together.


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Shell Hunt

We had combed the edge of the waves for hours, Tides had rushed in, erasing the mornings sand castles. The waves had receded leaving tidal pools, shimmering in the afternoon sun.

She was maybe six years old,the bag of unremarkable shells dragging behind her.

“I’m tired,” she moaned. “These shells are all stupid!”

Smiling, I handed her a surf clam shell, its side still clinging together.

“I don’t want that thing!” she cried, and tossed it in the tidal pool.

The water ripped around the shell as it sparkled in the sun.

A tiny tear fell from her sunburned cheek.

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