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Out of Place




I visualize the landscape-lonely and forbidding. I wonder where I am this time, within my dream-world. Surely a not pleasant place though it holds a certain mystery. I think of myself, how alone, different, isolated I have always been. Suddenly, I recognize my attraction to the picture. The salt mound or is it sandstone-worn but still surviving, like me. Present, but not seeming to belong there.


Drawing one’s eye, inviting one to explore it, see what it is made of. One would think as their hand ran gently down the surface. Never quite fitting the world it is part of.



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The grass, soft and new, flowers nodding quietly in the warmth of spring. He sits on the quad at the university between classes, thinking.


“What will I do when I get out of here,” he thinks. Smiling, he imagines her face, a house with a picket fence, him coming in with a brief case at days end. 60


Across the quad, she sits, thinking, “What will I do when I graduate?” She sees herself walking in the door, slinging down her briefcase and turning on the news. He walks in with a glass of cool tea for her. They smile.

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the Heart of a Man

We can move like the waves on the ocean,

bare feet caressing the sand.

Or dance, with only the moonlight

shadows reflecting the land.

I can feel like I love you completely,

But, still, I cannot understand

why I always feel love is hiding

deep in the heart of a man.

Across hills, we can journey together,

our souls become one with the light.

The whispers of autumn approaching,

yet we lie like two strangers at night.

For miles, we have traveled this highway,

and still I do not understand

what keeps the emotions so silent

In the heart of a man.

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