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Where Horses Rule

As we buzzed across the inlet in the small boat, we could see the island in the distance. One of the few groups of wild horses left in the eastern United States lived there.

The captain turned off the motor and let us glide close to the shore of the uninhabited island for a better view of the horses. Many of us had cameras and binoculars out for a better view.

I watched as they peacefully grazed in the soft breeze, but wondered how they managed during the frequent hurricanes and strong storms. The secret would remain with them-today.


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Visiting a Different Era


The Outer Banks

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I saw her crying as she sat beneath the weathered tree.
“Hey.” I whispered, touching her shoulder.
She looked up at me startled, “I didn’t see you.”
“Didn’t mean to scare you.” I said and sat down.
The grass was cool and soft, I watched the shadow
of the tree wave across the sun drenched field.
I had invaded her privacy, she was embarrassed.
I could see it in her eyes as she tried to dry them.
I picked up a dandelion, turned to seed.
With a smile, I blew the seeds into the wind.
She reached out for the stem and twirled it around.
“Funny,” she sniffled, “how words can hurt you.”
She held out the dandelion stem to me,
and straightened her long skirt, so dark in the shade.
She motioned for me to get up and follow her.
As I rose, she disappeared into the shadows and
left me with the flower stem still in my hand.
I walked back toward the old abandoned house,
My special place-hers too, I guess.

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

As I walked silently along the seashore.
  salty winds whipping my hair,
the thunder of the waves drowning out
 all other sounds, all other people,
I felt your presence beside me.

 I hear you whisper, “Momma, Momma.”
Afraid to glance to see if you were real,
 I said, out loud, “You’re here, aren’t you?”
The waves crashed, a gull flew by,
 I stopped, sat down on the warm sand,
and opened my heart to you.

 I felt your warmth wash over me.
From  somewhere deep in my soul.
 I let an image of you form in my mind.
You were running to me, I heard your breath.

 The wind blew, the waves crashed,
And for a moment, you were there.
No more words, conversations, sounds,
 simply the fact that somehow, some way,
 we were in this moment, together.

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