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De Ja Voux?

 She felt herself running, tripping down this odd stair case, the echo of someone following her, close behind. It was rather dark, in this place she’d never been-Italy, maybe, Old Europe?


It seemed the stairs went on and on, chunks of granite worn down by time-some sort of alley way. There were no cares and no doors that led anywhere.




Where was she, who was chasing her? Why was she here? A cold breeze whipped by her, she jumped up. Her heart pounding. “A dream,” she sighed, “only a dream.”

“Where had she seen those steps?” she thought, now awake.


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Silent stairs


She started up the endless stairs, her mind racing.  “Who could have sent the message?”  “Why did they want to come here, a place that had left her so with so many memories and caused her so much pain?”

Her legs beginning to shake, she could literally hear the frantic beating of her heart. She stopped, listening for any sound, any sign of someone ease’s presence.

Nothing. Nothing human, anyway, the howl of the wind outside the abandoned light house, an odd creaking above her as if someone was there. She clung to the rail, her consciousness fading. He smiled, carrying her away.

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