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Everything Will be O.K.







She was so tired, her eyes closed as she folded the clothes. Her hair was limp, unwashed, uncombed…
As she finally rested her head on the soft pillow, it felt like Heaven.
“Mommy”, a little voice rang out, “I don’t feel good.”
For a tiny second, she hoped she hadn’t heard his call. “No, not  now, I’m so tired.”, she thought.
Slowly, she pulled on her  , slipped her feet in the still warm slippers and scuffed as she walked into his room.
“What’s the matter, baby?” she sighed.
“My throat hurts.” He looked up with reddened eyes and sniffled.
His nose was running,, he wasn’t kidding.
“She went to get the thermometer and baby meds as she shook off the tiredness-again.”
“It’s ok, baby, momma’s here.” she smiled.
He smiled too, through rheumy eyes. Mommy was here, everything would be okay.

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Constraints -disguised

I have always thought of “privileges” as simply, “constraints disguised”.  Rather than telling us what we CAN do, they often simply define what we cannot do.  When we are “allowed” by law, custom, religious belief, etc, to do certain things, that privilege invokes responsibility. For example, if we can legally drink alcohol, we cannot drink too much or we can be charged with public drunkenness, if we drink and drive we ca be charged with DWI, we cannot, in court use the excuse of “I was drunk” as a real defense against our actions.  These examples are endless. Think, for a minute of a few such circumstances you have encountered. Before we celebrate a new found privilege, we should always remember the constraints involved in accepting it.

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