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I felt chapped and burned all over, though the clouds were dark and threatening that cold winter day.

He ran down from the stunted trees, to the dock, where I waited in the boat as it rocked in the shallows of the sound. There on the the boat, he kissed my cheek. “You’re alive!” he cried out. As the schooner slipped below the waves, I grasped his hand and cried. I remember the horror of that day, not because of the warmth of the land, or the lovely clusters of palms, but because of the fierceness of the burning sands.


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To Those Who Go Unrecognized

The person who “pays forward” a young mothers bill in the grocery line,

the elder who listens to the tears of a teen, and shares her wisdom,

The cat who jumps in your lap and purrs when you are lonely,

The mom who makes extra cookies for the shut-in next door,

The teacher who stays after class to help a struggling student,

The driver who lets you in line at a long red light,

the tired mom who rubs her teens back until she hears his soft breath,

These are the rare people we need more of, and who aren’t recognized.

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Wishing to Disappear

The warmth of July summer entranced me. I’d come to the beach to escape. Make-up covered my bruised face, I’d used my married sisters ID to check into the motel. I didn’t really feel safe, even walking on the beach in the windy dusk on this isolated island. I knew he had his sources, his “people”. I walked near the edge of thee beach grasses, ready to dash into the light of a lobby or bar.

Suddenly, I heard his voice on the deck on the motel. “Where is she!” he yelled.

This IS atrophy I thought, frozen in my steps.

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It would probably be grandma’s last Christmas. Seeing the lights around town had always been so special to her, but her health wouldn’t allow the tour this year. Sue was only 12 years old, but as she told her dad about her plan, he fought a tear and smiled. For a week, while grandma slept, they strung lights, Early mornings, after dark, they worked.

On Christmas Eve, Sues dad bundled grandma up and rolled her out on the side-walk. “Where are we going?” she asked. Sue saw dad’s signal to turn on the lights. The whole neighborhood light up.

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A Ruined Debut

She looked beautiful in her solid black outfit. Her skirt was covered with a lacy, low-cut blouse, her shoes, glimmered with glittery shine. It had been so long since she had been out. Her illness had kept her from feeling like being seen in public. She felt like she was making a “debut”’ of sorts.

The bar was noisy and crowded. Then, she saw an old friend across the room and rushed over to him. Suddenly, she felt the string on her skirt being pulled. As her skirt fell down, she screamed at the stranger, “You dirty, underhanded fool!”

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Can We Reset a Tragedy?


Tara was crying as I walked into her room. Alright, we were both crying.


“Dammit!” She screamed and threw the remote across the room, knocking over a glass cat. Her brother, my son, Jacob had collapsed and died suddenly while playing ball the week before.

We cried in each others arms, as she held the useless remote. “That’s what we need, Mom,” she sniffled, “a re-do, a reset. It seems everything has one these days.”


Even now, when she sees me holding his photo, crying, she will whisper, “Mom, there just isn’t a “reset” for loosing some one you love.”


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Dragon’s Tail

“Oh, my God!” screamed Sarah as she clung tightly to the back of Joey’s leather Jacket.. He couldn’t hear her. It was just a noise to him, with his black , flame covered helmet and new Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He was rushing down the famous “Dragon’s Tail” road in extreme western North Carolina that has 11 miles with over 318 curves.

It is one of the most popular roads in the country for motorcyclist. A lot of them don’t make it down, some get hurt a few killed. A photographer has even made an enterprise of the horrifying curvy road. He takes photos in one of the worst curves, and sells them to the riders(if they survive.)

Her heart was racing as they rounded the last curve. Tears rolled down her crimson cheeks. Joey was laughing-LAUGHING! That Sob had nearly killed her, scared her to death and he thought it was funny. She’d show him another meaning of “road” Hit it!

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The Light inside Us

I walked along the streets, tears flowing down my cheeks. It was 8:00 on a summer evening. An argument had torn at my soul. My heart was broken.

Around me, I noticed the lights in houses were coming on. Darkness had come and families were settling down to relax, read, watch TV, normal things.

 Hours later, far from home, I started back. Home. What was that now? The lights in the houses were beginning to go out. Bedtime, sleepy heads on soft pillows. Lights. Signals of time.

I walked home. I would leave the lights out. Maybe things would be brighter in the morning. .

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