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The Theatre Flood

With the stage filling quickly with water, Zora didn’t know what to do. She’d lost her diamond ring and the lights were out.

He took her hand and carefully replaced the priceless ring.

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Hope Springs Eternal

They had been walking quite a while when they reached the cabin. His brogans were muddy and wet, the cuffs of hi pants covered in mud. He reached down and picked up the puppy and held it in his arms. It was dirty, panting, its fur matted with burrs. He looked at the puppy’s pleading brown eyes as he held it to his chest. He was so thirsty, they were so thirsty.

The spigot was hidden in the vines at the side of the house. He sat the puppy down and turned the spigot hopefully. Nothing. Sadly, he grabbed the puppy and started back down the path. Suddenly there was a gurgling sound, a rush of air and a spurt of spring water burst forth from the spigot. Together they rushed back and burrowed their heads in its cool freshness. “From water comes life,” thought the man watching from the barn.


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