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A Different Kind of Autumn


Years ago, I held little hands,
enveloped with sounds of giggles and joy.
I laughed as they threw golden piles of leaves around.
Life seemed so gentle, hopeful, joyous.
Today, Autumns leaves seem to go from green to brown,
New children rush about in a whirlwind,
To busy for leaf piles, laughing, memories that endure time.
I look at myself as rain patters outside the windows.
Where did that time go? My health, my child?
As a tear rolls down my cheek, I vow,
to make a leaf pile, film the excitement of little ones.
To slow the world down, breath in the cool air.
Time will not wait, nor will life, not even hope.
We must find a way to grab hold of today,
And never, ever, let its lessons escape us.


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