A Gift for the Market

The sun was a ball of fire rising through the fog. Finally, the clatter of rain had turned to an autumn portrait of drying flood waters. We rode down the muddy path in our weathered farm wagon, bumping along, hooves clomping, with the wagon filled with produce for the market in town.

The chill in the air, the slush of mud, I pulled my shawl close around me. Then I saw the reflection of the wet green world upon the river. I realized that without both the sun and the rain, we would not be on our way to market.


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  1. 1

    Sandra said,

    A nice reflective piece. Well done.

  2. 2

    SomerEmpress said,

    Sun and rain
    We need ‘dem bookmarks
    ‘Dem reminders that
    Between them there is Life

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  3. 5

    annisik51 said,

    NIce reflective piece. I like the use of the ‘shawl’as a subtle prop – it adds to the mood, adds temperature and characterisation. About the rain – if I were cynical, and I’m not, and in view of the flooding here in the UK, I’d say that you could have too much of a good thing! 🙂

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      beebeesworld said,

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        AnnIsikArts said,

        Yes, WordPress is quite complicated. I haven’t got to the bottom of it all. If you click on ‘Help’ you’ll get to ‘Support’ which has tons of WordPress ‘how tos’ and lots more. Sign up for WordPress news and you’ll get emails of new stuff too. What’s Hot is a good place.

  4. 8

    Dear Brenda,

    A lovely atmospheric piece that gave me a bit of a shiver. Good to see you back.



    • 9

      beebeesworld said,

      I always try to to the Fictioneers prompt if I can find it and if it inspires me at all. I desperately need someone to tell me how to get to a site that will give me a 101 on using WordPress. It is very frustrating, and so limiting not to know the simple things. Please send me a www. type address or a how to of some type. I cant get any info and am wasting so much time, missing opportunities. Thanks beebeesworld

  5. 10

    Subroto said,

    Nicely done. Puts you in a contemplative mood.

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