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I am….I have….I will….


I am strong, I look in the mirror and see myself young.

I dance with the music. I sing with the wind.

I laugh at those who take themselves too seriously.

They will not imprison me in their world.

I am worthy. I can still dream, hope, I still live.

I open my heart to those who will share with me-

the rememberance of youth,

I will find moments of joy and celebrate them.

I will find moments of pain and conquer them.

I will take the strengh given freely by friends and multiply it among others.

I give to you my hand, my heart-

to share as you will, to love as you wish,

to breathe in as a fresh blossom in spring.

I am…..I have….I will…….


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The Loss of Hope

Since my creative side seems to be on vacation, I decied to reblog an old poem-if you know of any PROMP site still active, please let me know, they really brought out the creativity in me, and I need that right now.



I dream of you-your face,your smile, how I cherished it

how it made my soul feel alive, even in the worst of times

and then I realize you are gone-never NEVER do I have

the slightest hope of seeing you, touching you again.


I wonder how many times I can die-drowning in this pain?


And I dream of those still here, yet so far away

wonder if I have any more chance of touching them, loving them

than I do those who lie among the flowers on the hill…


Hope-sometimes it dies because life has stolen it

and you don’t know why or how to fix it, even though it could be- somehow

and sometimes it dies when hearts stops beating.

There is no breath, no life, what wasis frozen in time,

all that is left is night, darkness, dreams…


I wonder, here, alone…

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Knockin on Heavens Door-Guns n Roses



It has been a rough spring, lonely, depressing, sad.  Remembering past days when I had youth, dreams, hope on my side, I have found solace in listening to some of my favorite songs from younger days. ” Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N Roses, not only seems to express my disappointment, but also my will to go on…   Relax and remember when….Axl Rose and Slash tried to get along, The way Slash (Sean Hudson) had complete command of any guitar in his hand, Axl’s sexy moves and wonderfully exotic presence on stage, the way the band seemed to come together for the massive audiences (well, most of the time…)  before Slash found Miles Kennedy to sing with, probabaly a much better, smoother match, more soothing than the screams and shouts attributed to the Guns N Roses crowd.  Perhaps, before we learned “The story behind the scenes” of many of the bands during the late 1980’s  to the mid 1990’s. Go to “you tube” and spend a while “back in the day!.”

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