The Oregon Trail and the Modern World

The Oregon Trail

History Majors are an ever-smaller group at our university it seems. If we aren’t finishing a degree in Computer science, business, accounting or the like, there is little need to get in line at the job fairs held on campus or at the mall. In my mind, that of a Public History Research major from the 1980;s, our “learning” is s far out of date we have little chance of being noticed. Yet, as I see my youngest son, obsessed with his computer and coding, never picking up a book to read, unless it is required, I see more and more need for courses to be required in subjects that teach us not only about the future, but how we got here. Who we are, where we came from and the process of learning are just as important to a Computer major as to one of us poor “do you want fries with that’ majors we used to joke about 30 years ago.

I may be wrong, but this photograph looks like one I once saw of the Oregon Trail. It was amazing to me that over a hundred years later, the ruts from the hundreds of wagon wheels traveling somewhere west of where ever the settlers had begun were still visible on the tall grass prairies which led settlers not only to Oregon, but many other places which, today, are as crowded and crime ridden as the ones these brave souls were escaping when the trails were made.

As a historian, genealogist and general lover of the studies of past places, countries and ways of life that lead us to the unbelievable places we can go today, I find learning about these cultures and how they thrived and often ultimately died of fascinating interest.

I admit, I almost agreed with some of my older children when they called the “Humanities” courses “Department Funders” In other words, they had no real use in the modern world. But as I get older, I have changed my mind. Hear the news about Vladimir Putin taking over the Crimea reminds me quickly of the horrors of Sevastopol during the wars with Great Britain in the 1850’s. It reminds me that thinking an event, or one similar to it will never happen again, is not only foolish, it is simply wrong.

I encourage all Universities, colleges and Even Technical Colleges to require students to have some knowledge of world history so that they can have a basis on which to prevent the errors of the past from repeating themselves.

And, lastly, I would like to see today’s children understand why they have the technologies they now possess and what their ancestors endured in order for them to live their lives of luxury, or at least,lives of hope.


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    I really enjoyed and appreciated this thoughtful piece. Like you I believe that understanding history is a key ingredient in understanding today’s world too – since humans have not changed much (if at all) in their essential natures over the course of time. Knowledge of the past is a foundation on which wisdom can be built.

  2. 2

    Lucid Gypsy said,

    Well said Beebee.

  3. 4

    Lyssa Medana said,

    Loved this! History addict here. Humans hunger for stories and we need the stories of where we have come from to keep us grounded and aware. Thank you. LM x

  4. 5

    Sandra Bennett said,

    This message should be widely circulated !

  5. 6

    simon7banks said,

    If we only study the skills of the present, we’re prisoners of the present.

  6. 7

    cttbbelliott said,

    Today’s young people and college students seem to have no sense of history, be it world or country. It is so unfortunate. Hopefully, as they age, it will become embarrassing for them not to be able to latch unto a historical conversation. Your words are wise and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

    • 8

      beebeesworld said,

      Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your comment. Sometimes, I feel like my comment that I am an “odl Hippie” is more than the truth-it is sad, there are so few people left that really care. beebee

      • 9

        cttbbelliott said,

        it’s a sign of intelligence girly girl….don’t EVER forget that. Every one of you who still cares will be the ones running the world one day. Be strong, be cool, be proud chicklet.

  7. 10

    cttbbelliott said,

    Your humbleness is even a better quality!!! you go girl….

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