Reblog- Uncle Daves Car-(with model A photo)

This is  a favorite poems I used to recite to my kids-one of my children’s name is David, so they always laugh-I did not write it and have credited the writer.  This Dave of mine-now a father of two keeps care of 2 model A’s I inherited from my uncle, so it is still amusing!

Uncle Dave’s Car
by Helen Ksypka


I pleaded with my Uncle Dave
to take us for a ride.
My sisters grabbed a window seat.
I sat right by his side.
He zoomed across a garden
and knocked some hedges down,
then barreled over sidewalks
in a busy part of town.
He zipped along a winding road-
a siren made him stop.
My uncle got a ticket from
a very angry cop.
At home our mother asked us,
“Did all of you behave?”
We answered her, “Of course we did.”

(Except for Uncle Dave!)

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    Lucid Gypsy said,

    Cool, I didn’t know what it looked like!

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